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basuah (buh soo uh) n.

BASUAH is an acronym for Brothers And Sisters United Against HIV. A program of the Illinois Department of Public Health, BASUAH promotes HIV/AIDS awareness among communities of color through education, collaboration and community engagement.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

#PinkOut: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This October, during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, help us spread the word about the importance of early detection and prevention. Breast Cancer, the second leading cause of death in women in the United States is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among African-American women. An estimated 27,060 new cases of breast cancer are expected to occur in 2013 in the United States among African-American women. Among younger women (under age 45), however, the mortality rate of breast cancer is higher in African Americans than in whites.

A woman’s best overall preventive health strategy is to get yearly mammograms, which can help identify breast cancer in its early, treatable stages. Various lifestyle changes may help reduce your risk of developing the disease, such as avoiding weight gain and obesity, engaging in regular physical activity and minimizing alcohol intake.

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#PinkOut #BASUAH

National HIV Testing Day

National HIV Testing Day 2014

National HIV Testing Day (NHTD) is an annual campaign to encourage people of all ages to "Take the Test, Take Control." Too many people don't know they have HIV. In the United States, nearly 1.1 million people are living with HIV, and almost one in five don't know they are infected. Getting tested is the first step to finding out your status. If you are infected with the virus, with medical care and adherence to treatments you can live a longer healthier life and help stop the spread of HIV to others.

Illinois ranks 7th nationwide in the diagnosis of HIV infections, and 5th in the estimated number of AIDS cases. Getting tested is the first step to finding out if you have HIV. so you can get the medical care necessary to help you live a healthier life and lower the chances of passing HIV on to others.

Learn the facts about HIV/AIDS | Illinois HIV/STD Surveillance Update Report


HHS Announces Comprehensive Plan to Reduce Health Disparities

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services unveiled its road map for eliminating health and health care disparities on Friday, April 8, 2011 .  As promised during the follow up discussion with Dr. Damon Arnold, IDPH Director, you have an opportunity to comment via the online discussion board at   All comments will be reviewed, compiled, and distributed appropriately.  Additionally, you can view the Center for Minority Health Services activities related to the National Partnership for Action to End Health Disparities.

The following workgroups will be convened to identify and coordinate future action steps.  If you are interested in participating as a member of any of them, please contact the Center by email, or phone at 217-785-4311.

  • Awareness – Increase the awareness of the significance of health disparities, their impact on the nation and the actions necessary to improve health outcomes for racial, ethnic, and underserved populations

  • Leadership – Strengthen and broaden leadership for addressing health disparities at all levels

  • Health System and Life Experience – Improve health and healthcare outcomes for racial, ethnic, and underserved populations

  • Cultural and Linguistic Competency – Improve cultural and linguistic competency and the diversity of the health-related workforce

  • Data, Research, and Evaluation – Improve data availability, and coordinator, utilization, and diffusion of research and evaluation outcomes



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American Teens and HIV

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BASUAH Education Island in
Second Life

In Second Life, our Ambassadors practice role playing and presentations skills and hold discussion forums with others online. They also have an opportunity to explore different personas and learn what it would be like to be in someone else's shoes. To get started in Second Life, visit this link



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  • Nationally, AIDS is the leading cause of death among African American women age 25-34 and the second leading cause of death of African American men age 35-44.
  • HIV/AIDS cases among African Americans are the highest among all racial/ethnic groups with a total of 1,406 cases reported in 2004 in Illinois, which consists of more than half the total reported cases in the state (2,662).  Whites comprised 26 percent of the reported cases, Hispanics 15 percent and Asians 1.4 percent.
  • Of the total reported HIV cases among females in Illinois, 70 percent were African-American.
  • Among the total male population with HIV in Illinois, 47 percent were African American.
  • Nearly 72 percent of African-American women and 64 percent of African-American men with HIV infection reported in 2004 were under 40 years of age.

  • Know your Status

  • Get Tested

  • Get Your Friends Tested

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